About Hassard Photo

We a husband and wife photography duo. We’ve photographed over 200 weddings since early 2009 and would be honored to photograph yours! We still celebrate our “Meetaversary” on January 9th and would rather hang out with our dog, over most humans.

William handles all client communication, taxes and other scary self-employment things, and is our reluctant IT admin. He loves gaming, Arrested Development, building computers, and anything having to do with space exploration. He didn’t cry on our wedding day, but he may have got a little something in his eye when Space X landed that rocket! William takes the middle seat on every flight and holds Norene’s hand during every landing. All he needs for a perfect day is a good walk.

Norene is your behind the scenes girl, handling most of our editing, blogging, and album design. Norene took her first steps in Disneyland and has been a Disney nerd ever since. Her favorite movies are Singin’ in the Rain, The Santa Clause, and Lars and the Real Girl. Her idea of a perfect day would involve taking Huck to the Magic Kingdom, but since that’s not possible, she’ll gladly settle for a park date with William. 🙂