Lighting Setups For Wedding Photography

Lighting Setups For Wedding Photography

If you’re about to get married, congratulations! Weddings are beautiful and full of life. I want to offer some advice on how to make your wedding photos stand out from the rest.

With the right equipment and a little know-how, you can create beautiful wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Lighting Tips

There’s a lot that goes into getting awesome shots, but here are my top three tips for lighting setups.

  • Have someone take pictures during the reception or ceremony with natural light coming in through windows – this will provide a nice glow around people in the photo without having to use too many lights yourself
  • Turn off all overhead lights at home before taking any family portraits – nobody likes being photographed under fluorescent bulbs, so avoid them at all costs
  • Make sure there is enough light on your subjects by placing one high-powered flash

Natural Light Versus Artificial Light

Natural light and artificial light photography are two different approaches to capturing images. Artificial light is more constant, but natural light changes from day tonight. It’s important for photographers to understand the differences between both types of lighting in order to produce a quality photo that accurately portrays their subject matter.

The best way to start improving your skills in this area is by reading up on photography technique books or going online and researching how professionals use these lighting techniques for certain subjects.

artificial light

The differences between natural and artificial light photography are vast. Natural light will be more flattering to the subject in a photograph because it makes the colors more vibrant and has a softer quality. With artificial light, you can achieve cool tones and dramatic shadows that might not be possible with natural light. It’s important to know which type of lighting would work best for your photo depending on what you’re trying to capture.

Weddings are a day filled with excitement, anticipation, and love. It is also a time when you will have some of the most important memories captured in photographs. If you want to be able to look back on your wedding photos for years to come and feel just as excited about them as you were at the time, it’s best that you take into account what type of lighting would work best for your event.