The Health Benefits of Dry Brushing

The Health Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a great natural way to improve your circulation, reduce cellulite, and exfoliate dry skin. It can also help you detox by getting rid of toxins that build up in your lymphatic system. Dry brushing is easy—you just need to get the right tool!

The dry brush should be made with soft bristles. First, brush your skin in a circular motion to remove any dead cells from your body before starting dry brushing. Start by massaging the brush up one arm to the armpit, then down to the other arm, and back again up over each rib cage. Use long strokes across your stomach area, then continue around your hips and buttocks until you reach the top of one thigh. Finish by going around both sides of each leg down to toes before switching legs for another set of strokes. This process should take between five and ten minutes total for best results.

Dry brushing benefits for the body

What’s more? Body brushing will naturally exfoliate your skin and revitalize it in time for summer! So say goodbye to dry winter skin this year!

Dry body brushing has been practiced for centuries as a ritual before bathing or cleansing ceremonies in many ancient cultures including Japan, India, and Africa. As a bonus, you’ll also be doing something that supports eco-friendly living practices when you choose to brush instead of the bat

Learn how to dry brush in five easy steps

  • brush your skinDry brush before showering, on wet skin for maximum benefits.
  • Start at your feet and work up to your neck in circular motions, using long upward strokes towards the heart.
  • Brush towards your chest with short back-and-forth strokes so as not to break any capillaries under the arms and breasts; instead use circular motion around these sensitive areas. Brush over shoulders with light pressure moving upwards toward the neck.

Dry Body Brushes are inexpensive tools that anyone can use in their daily routine for an easy at-home spa treatment. They come in different shapes, sizes, and textures so there’s something for everyone! One thing that makes them so effective is how they work like fingers – pushing dirt from deep within outwards while simultaneously stimulating blood flow.