d + c

Dallin and I are always goofing around no matter where we are (we even got kicked out of walmart once) ...we'll tell you about it in person haha... Hey good news though, your session or wedding day will never be boring with us!! We can tell "that what she said jokes" or talk about our favorite episodes of The Office, and we better be exchanging pictures of our pets because our kitties Luna and Lola are the absolute cutest thing on earth! Unless you have an Australian Shepard puppy, then it might be a tie! πŸ˜‰

dallin and cienna

duh we're friends now

Seriously though, becoming friends with our clients is one of the main reasons we absolutely loveΒ our job as photographers! I mean come on who doesn’t want two bomb ass photographer friends that will break it down on the dance floor with you at your wedding reception, or cry with you while you’re saying your vows. When we’re taking your photos we want it to feel like our cameras aren’t even there, and it’s just the four of us on some crazy adventure having a blast! When you look back at your photos we want you to remember how much fun we all had hanging out, and not how awkward you felt in front of the camera. So let’s all grab some food before your shoot, drive somewhere epic blasting music in our car, and make some freakin’ awesome memories together! πŸ€ͺ

fun facts about us

Yes I am literally a crazy cat lady. 🐱 I really couldn't tell you how this started, but I stay up until 3am every night watching cat videos on my phone, and every cat I see I want to adopt it. Like I could have 60 cats, and that would be okay with me haha. Dallin however, being the amazing husband that he is, stops me from this adorable obsession! For now we have two FREAKING CUTE twin sister Siamese cats, Luna and Lola. We rescued them from our local shelter when they were babies, and we seriously consider them our children.

And this picture is a perfect example of that!! We seriously laugh at this picture of us all the time because of how perfectly it depicts us. We are always making funny faces at each other, and making up the craziest songs on our long car rides together lol. So if you're looking for some friends you can goof off with, you're in the right place!

So Dallin and I actually met on Christmas!!!!
Like talk about the best Christmas present ever! 🎁 We both were walking around Salt Lake City, Utah looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights. Then Dallin randomly came up to me, and we ended up talking the night away like old friends. It was definitely love at first sight for us haha. And Dallin actually asked me to be his girlfriend the very next day, which may sound crazy, but we just knew we were meant to be together. ❀️


Our Elopement

So Dallin and I actually lived in Maui, Hawaii for 6 months, and it just felt right to us to have our elopement there. So I got a dress, we searched everywhere for a cool rug to stand on, and we even had Dallin’s Mom become an officiant so she could marry us! It was so fun planning everything!!

So we spent our wedding day eating at our favorite crepe place, going to the Maui aquarium, and getting the most delicious snow-cones! Then we ended up eloping on the most breathtaking cliffside with cows all around us (one even tried to attack us lol) and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding. It was literally perfect!!!

Afterwards we ran around a field of flowers and watched the prettiest sunset. Then we went to dinner at Mama’s Fish House in Paia, Hawaii which is hands down the best restaurant we have ever eaten at!Β πŸ™ŒπŸΌ To sum it up it was definitely the best day of our lives!

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